Many investors have seen little return on their investments over the last decade.  With lack of performance and the financial crisis in 2008, most investors have lost confidence in Wall Street firms and the stock market.  The fact still remains that we, as a society, are living longer and face the grim reality of outliving our retirement savings.  In reality, people do not plan to fail when saving for retirement, they fail to plan!

At EWA, we offer independent counsel and objective wisdom as we work toward protecting your wealth and planning your financial future.  We understand how difficult the recent markets have been.  Our job is to make sure you get back on track for your long-term financial goals.  How do we do it?  We employ a six-step process that is customized to your unique set of financial needs, and is continuously evaluated and reviewed.  The system addresses your most important concerns, including:

  • Have you saved enough for your financial goals? 
  • Are you spending too much to achieve your goals?
  • Do your investments meet your needs and risk tolerance?
  • Are those assets performing as expected?
  • Have you planned for a tax-efficient retirement?
  • Are your assets protected should you or your spouse need nursing care?
  • Are you utilizing tax deductions available to you with retirement plans or Individual Retirement Accounts?

The six-step process is a simple yet disciplined one: Listen, Gather, Analyze, Develop, Implement, Monitor

First, we LISTEN to you so we fully understand your unique goals, needs, and concerns.  Then we GATHER the details of your personal financial information.  Next, we ANALYZE your assets, taking into account their structure, performance, tax situation, and estate plan.  Only then do we have the information to DEVELOP a customized written plan laying out your goals, investments, and tax strategies.  After that, we IMPLEMENT the plan that is tailor-made to your unique situation.  Finally, we MONITOR your plan making sure you are on track to meet your goals.  From here, the process starts over .... beginning with step one!