Unbiased Financial Advice

At Evergreen, it is imperative that we form a trusting relationship with our clients.  Open communications and a shared long-term vision form the foundation of your relationship with us.  Our advice is always unbiased and incidental to the sales process, and tailored to your unique set of goals/circumstances.  We have no "preferred" or proprietary investment products.  We are paid to provide ongoing advice and analysis.  We meet with clients regularly to review their financial health and make changes as needed.

Investment Discipline

Having a well defined investment discipline is the key to long-term investment success.  At EWA, we utilize a strategic allocation that is highly diversified across a broad spectrum of asset classes.  When possible, we use low-cost index mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) for our clients allocations.  We rebalance portfolio allocations on a quarterly basis, and look to opportunistically rebalance when market conditions permit.  We thoroughly evaluate an investment's performance, expenses, and risk characteristics against its peer group and respective index on a regular basis.  While there are not guarantees, we believe that this process will result in better performance over time.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

As a fiduciary wealth manager, we act as a financial concierge.  Since each client has a unique set of goals, we start by getting to know you.  Once we assess your individual needs, we tailor a plan to meet those needs.  Whether it is a full-scale financial plan, college planning, retirement planning or estate planning, we help you navigate these complex issues by implementing the plan and regularly monitoring it, making modifications as needed.  Without regular adjustments the chances of success diminishes severely.  Additionally, we take great pride in helping you with those unexpected financial decisions such as deciding how to handle a bonus, windfall or inheritance. 

Asset Protection

At Evergreen Wealth Advisors, all client assets are held by an independent custodian to ensure your safety.  We never take possession of your money or act as a custodian.  We use Charles Schwab & Co. as the custodian (Charles Schwab & Co. is a member of FINRA and SIPC).  Through Charles Schwab, we have access to over 16,000 mutual funds, equities, exchange traded funds, and bonds (government, corporate, and municipal bonds).  More than 3,800 mutual funds are available exclusively to investment advisors like EWA.  Many of these are institutional class shares offering lower operating expenses than their retail equivalent.